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Name of University Beijing Normal University
Contact Person, E-mail and phone No. Wang Junling(students from European, U.S. and Canadian, Oceanian universities), 86-10-58800305·         Fang SHUNJI (Students from Asian universities), 86-10-58800301
Office Address Room 9912A, Jing Shi Building, No.19 Xinjiekouwai Street, Haidian District, Beijing 100875, China
Fax 86-10-58800823
Student Exchange related Website
Other Contact Person Ms. Liu Lengxin (

B、Academic Calendar
< Spring Semester>

Orientation Period Mid February
Class begins End of February
Class (Exams) ends End of June (for Chinese language students); early mid July (for students studying at academic faculties)

< Autumn Semester>

Orientation Period Early September
Class begins Mid September
Class (Exams) ends Early or mid January


Application Deadline November 15 (for spring semester); May 15 (for fall semester)
Minimum GPA Requirement Average 80 points (out of 100) for main subjects
Minimum Language Requirement HSK Level 6 or above (for old test) or 180 points (or above) in HSK Level 5 (for new test) is required for regular academic courses in ChineseNo language prerequisite for applicants of Chinese language coursesEnglish-taught programs: native speak of English or TOEFL 80 / IELTS 6
Application Form Apply online at:
Supporting Documents required to be submitted with Application Form 1. Completed BNU Application Form for International Students (printed-out online application form;2. Certificate of Enrollment at the home university (Chinese or English)3. Official Academic Transcript (Chinese or English)4. Recommendation Letters from the applicant’s former or present teachers (no letter for Language Students and two letters for General Advanced Studies Students)5. HSK Certificate (for General Advanced Studies Students in Chinese Courses)

6. Two passport-sized photos

7. Copy of passport

8. Names of three English-taught courses that students plan to take (just for students who plan to take English-taught courses). For course information please refer to:

Duration of study at host university One semester or one year
No. of exchange positions, per semester In accordance with the Agreement on Exchange Program
Nationality of applicants Only international students are accepted to the exchange program.

D、Major & Course Registration

Level of Study Undergraduate; Postgraduate
Available Areas of Study HSK Level 6 or above (for old test) or 180 points (or above) in HSK Level 5 (for new test) is required for students who apply to study regular academic courses at schools other than the College of Chinese Language and CultureNo such restriction for Chinese language students
Semester Course Load 3-5 courses/semester
Restrictions Students must choose to study at one particular school or department and choose courses within this school
Website Link to find Classes Online (website for international students) (website for Beijing Normal University)

(English-taught courses)

Course Registration Period After arrival at Beijing Normal University

E、Language Courses for Foreign Students

Do you have language courses for foreign students? Students can choose Chinese language courses (from beginner level to advanced level); however, if students choose to study at other academic schools or departments, then they can take one Chinese language course for free and other language courses are offered with charge.
Website Link;Academic courses:  click “教学安排”
Course Registration Period After arrival at Beijing Normal University


Dorm room or other on-campus housing guaranteed? Yes, dorms at the residence building for international students
Types and Fees 60-95 Yuan RMB/day
Housing Application Deadline Early January (for spring semester); Mid July (for fall semester). It’ s highly suggested that students apply for housing as soon as they get the admission notice and the student ID number.
Application Form Apply online after students get the admission notice  (with account and password)
During long vacation, can students stay in their accommodation? Yes (this may change on special occasions)
Possibility for Home Stay? Yes, but students need to find the accommodation by themselves

G、Visa Procedures

Visa Requirements
Visa Procedure Students apply for visa after they receive the admission letter and visa application form, usually within 40 days after the application deadline
Eligibility to work No


Insurance required?  If yes, please specify the content. Yes, students can either purchase it at their home country (at least RMB400,000 yuan worth individual maximum amount of compensation for overseas medical care and accidental injury ) or purchase it after arrival at Beijing Normal University.
Airport Pick-up Service Yes, students need to apply it online after being admitted.
Vaccinations required?  If yes, please specify the content. Students need to do physical examination at designated hospitals in home country, or they can do it in China after arrival at Beijing Normal University
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