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Office of International Exchange & Cooperation

The Office of International Exchange and Cooperation at Beijing Normal University is responsible for coordinating matters pertaining to international communication and cooperation. The Office implements national policy related to foreign affairs, while managing specific school business involving foreign matters. The Office’s main functions include organizing, drafting, and formulating plans and programs to develop international cooperation. Moreover, it also carries out and coordinates activities dealing with foreign affairs. It is specifically responsible for relaying information pertaining to foreign affairs and contacting international counterparts on behalf of various departments, parties involved in scientific research, and international academic programs at Beijing Normal University. The Office plans and runs intercollegiate programs dealing with international cooperation and exchange; specifically formulating plans for exchange, drafting cooperation contracts, providing follow-up service for international programs, promoting the orderly development of such programs, planning study abroad programs, etc. The Office makes arrangements and provides supervision for international students, exchange students and visiting scholars; recruiting and enrolling such students, supervising their studies, arranging tuition payments, and contacting international alumna. It is further responsible for inviting foreign experts, meeting the experts’ everyday needs, and submitting reports on those experts’ work for approval by the authorities. Other key duties include verifying documents for international meetings and submitting reports about those meetings’ proceedings, and endorsing international assignments for students and teachers (including studying abroad, attending international academic conferences, giving lectures abroad, engaging in collaborative research abroad, and competing in competitions). Finally, the Office also manages an assortment of international exchange affairs as delegated by Beijing Normal University.

The Office of Hong Kong, Macao, and Taiwan Affairs, as well as the Center for Global Education are located within the Office of International Exchange and Cooperation, sharing office space with it.